Moving and Business

So, as we all are aware, 2020 hasn’t quite gone to the plans we all had. I know it definitely wasn’t doing what it was supposed to prior to COVID but you know what. I’m okay with it. This year there has been a lot of moving around, not only moving physically but in business as well.

I’m a wee-bit of a control freak when it comes to what action plans I take and how I proceed and this year has proven that I have to release and the right moment/opportunity will arise.

That happened for me and my family quite a bit this year so far. I have released the outcomes I thought, and some better ones have arisen. A lot of learning moments too – pushing for something that we shouldn’t of cost us a little money. We were able to negotiate a better opportunity.

Moving is part of how I’m shifting my business as well. A fresh start.

My Business, I have purged a lot of clients that don’t fit my model this year – purely because I was listening to my own client model, not just saying YES because I’m able to.

My business has shifted a bit too in where I want to take my focus – I’m starting to really work on what I want to work on. Still trying to figure out where I want to take 2021 – but I am taking this last half of the year to put plans in place, create actionable goals and timelines to match.

What have you noticed outside of COVID – how do you want to grow as a person in business. A person in society. What have you realized are boundaries that you will not cross any further?

I would love to hear! As I create my actionable goals, I will be sharing – not only with you for inspiration – but for accountability for myself as well.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!