8 Time-Saving Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

Cassandra Comeau
Cassandra Comeau

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8 Time-Saving Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs CMC Virtual professional Services Blog Young Entrepreneur surrounded by shipments working hard

Business owners tend to wear many different hats, which is why saving yourself time however and whenever you can becomes so important. These are some of the best time-saving tips for busy entrepreneurs that will give you some time back in your day, week, or month. Being busy is not a badge of honour; you need to be productive, too.

1. Email Templates

If you’re constantly getting emails with the same questions, it’s time to write an email template. Whether it’s customer service emails or client onboarding, email templates can save you so much time. Gmail, in particular, makes it super easy to save templates and easily reuse them whenever you need them.


2. Project Management Templates

I talk a lot about project management tools, like ClickUp, and for a good reason. They are the best way to organize your business, your projects, and your tasks. One of the best things about a project management system like ClickUp is creating templates for your most common or recurring projects.


Here are a couple of examples of when these templates really work:


  • Publish a new podcast episode every week? Make your subtasks into a template!
  • Regularly publish new blog posts? Create a template for your subtasks!


You can then even create automations within ClickUp to attach that template.

3. Batch Your Work

If you do a variety of different tasks, like most entrepreneurs, batching your work will not only help you become more productive but will keep you sane. It’s hard to jump from task to task, and batching will help you accomplish so much more in less time.


Move all of your tasks that involve the same client or system into one batch of time. Opening and closing different systems can make you break focus, whereas if you get them all done at once, it’ll save you tons of time.


4. Scheduling Meetings and Appointments

If you feel like your days are constantly broken up with meetings or appointments, try only allowing them to be scheduled on certain days, like only Wednesdays and Thursdays.


5. Automations

Pretty much anything that is recurring can be automated. One automation might save you a few seconds, but that number can grow quite a bit over time.


6. Take Breaks Throughout the Day

Make sure you take breaks throughout the day, especially if you work from home on a computer. Set a timer to remind yourself to stretch your legs and take breaks. Sitting at a computer all day can take its toll, so you should also make sure you have a good ergonomic chair.


7. Get Rid of Interruptions

If you get distracted easily, it’s time to minimize distractions. Closeout any unneeded browser tabs (or hide them) and shut off your phone notifications. It’s incredible how much more productive you can be when you aren’t constantly distracted by your phone going off.


8. Figure Out When You Are Most Productive

Most people are more productive at a specific part of the day. You might be a morning person, or maybe you get your second burst of energy in the mid-afternoon. Knowing when you are most productive can help you tackle your biggest or most important tasks during that timeframe.


After saying all this, do you find yourself still overwhelmed? Why not book a discovery call to see if I can help simplify and remove the overwhelm from your day-to-day. Check out the services I have to offer – take back your time and your sanity – even just for a few mins.

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