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Happy Canada Day!

Today I'm out of the office not only spending time with the fam but also just a couple of days away from our move - so enjoying the moment to have some laughs - a great BBQ dinner and just being present in these parts of this phase of life and business.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Canada Day today! 🇨🇦

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Having the right team in your corner is essential when it comes to online business. Having a great team around you with processes and structures can make ALL the difference in your business.

Part of this team is your Online Business Manager (or Digital Business Manager).

Why should you consider an OBM? Well, OBMs are entrepreneurs who have a passion for helping other online businesses succeed. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in areas like planning, online teams, and systems.

If you are looking to take your business to the next level, an OBM can help you get there.

And when it comes to finding the right OBM for you, it's all about finding someone passionate about the tools you need to succeed. So take your time, do your research, and find an OBM who can help you kick butt online.

Why should you consider jumping on a call with me? Well, my experience has been broad - I have a formal educational background in Human Resources Business Management, I have spent the last 20 years of my professional career cultivating experiences, skills and knowledge to support the most multi-passionate entrepreneur (I am one myself!) and I work really hard at making sure you feel supported, decrease the overwhelm and get you more time.

Think you might be ready to uplevel your business - let's jump on a discovery call... let's see where you want to go from here and if I can support you in these next steps!

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Today is a milestone day - not in my business, but my personal. I have 2 amazing why's for what I do and today, is their last day of school at their current school. Next year not only are they going to a new school in a new province - both are heading into the next phase of their education - Grade 1 and High School. Big moves ... lots of new learning opportunities!

When I look at their accomplishments (their report card was fun to read let me tell you!) - I can see their resilience, their focus, and their joy when it comes to learning. They have been amazing with the changes in how their education is presented, navigated it all with smiles, and as we end a 'normal' year, I can see the changes and am super proud.

Things like this remind me of the joy and journey as an entrepreneur as well - the phases we are flowing in (new blog to discuss this on my website!) as well as all the hard work it takes to get where we are now and where we want to be in the future.

So, saying all this - back to packing, sending these two off to their last day and I hope everyone has a #happyhumpday! Today is the start of summer vacation!

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Well, the office is packed working from my old friend the dining room table for the next 6 days. On the move in 7... been a productive day!

How is your week going?

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How much of what you 'do' each day falls into the invisible workload category? Things that aren't obvious and can't necessarily be checked off a to-do list, but that can take up a surprising amount of time & energy.

Things like:
✔️Thinking about what needs to be done - when, how and by who
✔️Delegating what needs to be done - we may not be doing the work but having to 'pass it along' to someone else still takes time
✔️Following up on tasks - checking in with folks re: "what is the status of this?" is work, in particular when things aren't getting done or are falling behind
✔️Making decisions - be it big or small decisions, there is energy required to think through everything so we can decide (and decision fatigue is a very real thing)

Now to some degree the invisible workload is just part of the gig - for business owners there will always be thinking & decision-making to be done.

But as your business grows you simply don't have the capacity - or the desire! - to keep all of this invisible workload on your plate. And it can start to show over time through exhaustion, frustration or a lack of progress as things sit waiting for your input & decisions.

Ask yourself: Where/how do you feel like the invisible workload is showing up in your business? What would be possible if you had someone to take more of the invisible workload off your plate? Maybe it's time to...

👉Review your Team - Is there a member of your team that could be a team lead. Able to help to remove you as the bottle neck until you are ready to hire an OBM?

👉Hire an OBM to take some of the invisible workloads off your shoulders - once you hit the early to mid 6-figure range there is simply too much going on to keep it all on your own shoulders.

Remember: An OBM’s expertise is taking your vision/goals and turning those into actionable plans, getting the right folks in place and ensuring that the work is done correctly and on time.

If your workload, invisible or otherwise, is feeling like too much, let’s connect.

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No business tonight. Just pride. We just celebrated his Gr 8 Grad tonight. Won an award for his high level of preserverance and effort to achieve a high level of success... had so much fun. Maybe a little bit of tears.

One of my Why's right here. He can stop growing now.. onto High school next year.

These kids are the true sign of resilience... takes everything us adults throw at them in stride... and they are smiling for it.

Cannot wait to see what is next!

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What was 2 is now 4! I am opening up my calendar to take on 4 more Breakthrough Strategy Sessions in June!

If you have been on the fence, or if you thought you missed out on your chance - DM me today and let's get you on the calendar.

If you aren't needing it, but you know of a business owner who would benefit - DM me the information, and I would be happy to talk to them and take it from there!

The goal at the end of our call is to create clarity, remove overwhelm and brain dump your ideas and goals so that we can create an actionable plan for your business that will help you achieve your goals.

Don't Wait. I promise you - this is the investment to help you really make 2022 the year your business worked for you as much as you work for it.

Click the link in my bio to book your time and let's get to work!

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Hi Everyone! My name is Cassandra - It's been a while since I re-introduced myself, and I know recently there have been some new follows, so I thought I would take the chance to introduce myself.

I'm a #multipassionate entrepreneur, #certifiedobm, and #womanentrepreneur who started in the digital space in 2019.

I have a formal education in Business Administration and Human Resources, and as my work experience grew, I did lean into those lessons along the way and am now applying it to #entrepreneurs like yourself in the different projects, #strategysessions as we work together.

I'm from Omemee Ontario Canada originally (home of Neil Young), recently living in Napanee Area (home of Avril Lavigne) , but moving to New Brunswick here in the coming weeks - so my family and I are looking forward to this new adventure on the east coast.

My passions in business are to be the #teamplayer you need, the #strategypartner you want and help you scale and grow in your business all while having your back end systems reviewed and updated along the way to ensure growth and expansion happen all the time.

I'm a #woowoo spirited, coffee loving, Hollywood enthusiast (random trivia galore!) and recently discovered introvert that loves to make meaningful connections, learn and grow both professionally and personally. I have even got to meet some amazing actors going to #fanexpo (ahem Brendan Frasier is such a sweetheart!) and I cannot wait to go again and meet more!

I am so looking forward to following your journeys, learning more about your businesses and growing an amazing referral network so that we all benefit from working with and learning from the best of the best that we can.

In the comments below, I would love to hear your stories, how you got started - how we connected and get to know you a little more. If you want, there is a link in my bio that allows us to jump onto a #coffeechat or #discoverycall if you want to get some face-to-face time too!

That is all to say, thank you for following - #happyhumpday, here is to an amazing week ahead!

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#StrawberryFullMoon is strong tonight. Setting intentions... setting goals... #nofilterneeded❤️

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Are you a multi-passionate entrepreneur with so many ideas but unsure where to start?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the daily tasks and client work that you aren't sure you are using your time to the maximum?

Are you getting bogged down by some of your day-to-day responsibilities so are thinking of hiring a team member but unsure where to begin?

This is where the Breakthrough Strategy Session comes in. After your intake form, we jump onto a 90-minute call where we discuss and review your business, the goals, and your systems. This allows us to see where your opportunities are to best to meet your goals - between what you have in place, and what might be needed.

Think about the things you want to achieve this year? What systems do you need in place? We'll answer all of your questions and get started on the tasks that need to happen.

After our call, in 7 business days, I provide a report that summarizes our call - gives recommendations, next steps and a roadmap of focus areas over the next 90 days.

How would it feel to have some actionable steps after only 90 minutes of brainstorming and strategizing?

Schedule your session today, I have 2 spaces left available in June and I am starting to book into July. What are you waiting for? We have lots of time in 2022 to achieve your goals - lets brainstorm how to get you there!

Click the link in my bio to sign up or click this link - https://bit.ly/3LJydij

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Another Breakthrough Strategy Report and assets sent off... time for bed for this #obm 😃... with a quote to implement the systems piece!

Cannot wait to work on the next one...

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Reviews are coming in ... the Breakthrough Strategy Sessions have lots of value for the multi-passionate entrepreneur, who with so many amazing ideas, programs, and revenue sources that sometimes, an outside set of eyes to make sure you are on the right path is all you need.

Thank you, Tara (@introvertcoach) for your kind words! I cannot wait to see what comes up next! I am looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Ready to see your own breakthrough - schedule your session today - click the link in my bio to get started or visit https://bit.ly/3LJydij to get started today.

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It's #friyay and time to clear the desk for the weekend. How are you spending this weekend? Any great events taking place that you cannot wait to check out?

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As we all know as entrepreneurs, all work and no play makes one really cranky!

Well, I have been working away on this for a few months now - whenever I needed a brain break from a technical glitch, metrics reviews, business tasks, and all things clients... I have been working on a fun little merch store of things that I might like to wear or own...

I'm still building out items, but these are a few of the sayings I keep around me, things I think to myself as I'm working in my little bubble, and pretty things I'm looking forward to having sitting on my desk.

Thought I would share this non-strategy task I have been working on - have a look; maybe something will catch your attention that you might like! Let's be honest - I love being multi-passionate... the road less traveled but keeps you motivated to learn more!

#happyhumpday ... we are already almost through another week of amazing conversations, interesting lessons and clients that we love to work with!

Check it out on my website under services

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Monday Funday! A new week - a new list!

What are you working on this week?

My list includes: I have some socials to wrap up for one client, working on 2 Breakthrough Session Reports (love these!), a proposal for an implementation package (post breakthrough session report), systemizing a client's customer experience - and that is just the highlights!

❤️ I'm loving working through all these lists - they light my fire! But if you have been sitting on whether you need a Breakthrough Strategy Session, please don't!

✅The power of these sessions are to allow you to work through your ideas, your business wins, and opportunities as well as create an action plan so that you can check off that list as easily as I am this week.

😎 I have 4 spots left for June - so don't wait! Its the best investment you can make to plan for Q3 and beyond - check out the link in my bio or click here to book yours today - https://bit.ly/3LJydij

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Saw this and thought it was a lovely quote from Our Mindful Life... (IG: @_ourmindfullife FB: Our Mindful Life)

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Happy June 1st! We are creeping closer to the official start of Summer, the end of the school year!

🌞 Summer is a time of a little bit of chaos (great weather means patio season, bonfires, cottaging, & vacations) & also a time where a lot of industries slow down a little bit. Unless you are in construction - then you are running at full speed!

Before we put on the sunscreen and hit the beaches - when have you last reviewed your business or your #goals? If you haven't, this is your reminder!

We all tend to slow down in the summer - but have you thought about how you can take this time with family & friends all while your business is working for you in the background?

Before you know it, it will be fall 🍂... I want to make sure that your business is working as hard for you as you are.

🙂 Does that mean hiring some help for the summer to keep the wheels turning?
🗒️ Does it mean that you build a waitlist for the next launch of your signature program?
✔️ Does that mean you do an audit of the systems that you have in place & create that action plan so that you can truly enjoy the summer sun & fun?

If you raised your hand,🙋‍♀️ then I have 2 great packages that offer you that chance to really enjoy summer - from #staycation to #vacation - all while giving you an action plan to reach those goals before we hit Q4!

👉 Breakthrough Strategy Session - this is your chance to sit down with me for 90 minutes and hash out what you have going on, where you want to be and at the end of it, I will present a report reviewing our discussion and coming up with an actionable 90 day plan to get you there.

👉 Systems Assessment - In one hour, we review what programs you have, your team members & processes to document and see where you are set up for success and what is your opportunity. Afterwards, I send you a report outlining everything and give you an action plan to eliminate the opportunities we discover together.

This is your chance to review what your business runs on. How would it feel to have an action plan that you and your team can sink your team into?

DM Today to get started!

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Wow! Last day of May already! It's going to be a muggy hot one here today - how has your month gone? Hit your goals?

One thing that has been our topic of the month (so to speak) has been team management. So I thought, in my blog that was published to finish off the month - I would continue the conversation.

Are you asking yourself:

👉 If you are at the point where you are thinking of hiring help in your business – whether it is a #certifiedobm like myself, or team members to scale your business. Oftentimes, when we hit this stage of our businesses, it becomes a question of ‘Can I actually afford the help I need?’

✍️ Finding that this part of the growth in your business may be both equally scary and exciting?

There are often some big questions to think about and ask yourself when you are thinking about growing your team. Let's get those out of the way so that you can take the next steps in your business – in a way that is comfortable and aligned for you and your business goals.

🤓 Read all about it via my blog (link in bio) or through this link - https://bit.ly/3x0oDCa

After you read it - are you considering if this is your next move?
Need to brainstorm it so that you can make sure you are set up for success on where to start?
How to look and place job ads?

Book your own Breakthrough Strategy Session.

We can talk about team management (or any other parts of your business you have in your sight line of goals to reach). Let me help you cut through the chaos and create a real action plan so that you feel ready for this next phase of business. Click the link in my bio to book yours or through this link - https://bit.ly/3LJydij

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