Wondering what a VA is and what we do?

In today’s technological age, there has been a large movement to move into a virtual work environment (infact, US Stats predict that 43% of the US workforce will be freelancers by 2020). That number is astounding!

To think how much the workplace has changed just in my 15+ years in the workforce, let alone technology and its impact.

In the last two years, as I was looking to my own career path and what I feel I can best offer, I stumbled across this particular career. The opportunities it creates, the flexibility that one often seeks for their family/personal needs and the fact that with hard work (and very little start up) you could be very successful.

First things first though, I had to figure out what exactly a Virtual Assistant was and what services they actually help with. By researching on Youtube, Facebook and the like, I was very surprised to see that there was very little that a VA could not bring to the table!

By Classic Definition, a Virtual Assistant is “generally self employed and provides professional, administrative, technical or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office/shared work space”.

As for services, as hinted above, you could provide everything from Administrative (Bookkeeping, Email/Calendar Management etc) where you could do similar work as in a professional space, only with more flexibility. On the technical side, this is everything from webdesign, to maintenance on the website, loading products on a site like Shopify and in between. There are creative components as well, document creation, advertising design, branding and more! This is without even considering things like specialty items (Blogging, Course Creation, from scratch Webdesign, Organization… etc.)

Then there are markets to choose from – whether you decide to work with an Agency (where they help you get clients and keep you working) or with individual businesses (i.e. Coaches, Wedding Industry, Real Estate, Boutiques and so much more!) There is much opportunity to be of service and to grow yourself along side your clients.

That is just the tip of the iceberg!

So taking it back to the beginning, I had to look at what excited me most about working as a VA. What came out of that work and discovery, (this might be the same for others) was the opportunity to help business owners grow and live their dreams as I took tasks off their plate that doesn’t serve for them to do, as to utilize their time more wisely.

After a lot of tweaking and work, you too can design your perfect career path, as the statistics show – it will be the future in the business world.

Now for the sales pitch!

If there is anything I can do to assist you or a business owner you know, my packages are here to view. I am happy to arrange a no-obligation discovery call to see if there is an opportunity to help you grow your (or someone you know) business by taking on tasks to free up time to develop and grow.

…Preparation is Key… Goals are essential.

So far, 2019 has been an eye opening ride. From Full Time Employee to Freelancer. It has been an amazing ride. But any responsible and motivated business owner – large or small – the year end brings a sense of closure and excitement.

Closure in the sense of taking the time to reflect your goals, where you achieved them and where you still have needs of improvement.

Why Did I Not Reach My Goals in 2019?

Things to ask yourself if you didn’t reach your goals – were you too aggressive in your goals? Was there something that happened to deter the sales/intake you thought would occur. Were you needing to do some tweaking to your sales pitch or to your program launch?

With all the moving parts, its important to review what didn’t work so that as you are growing, developing your targets/products/services for 2020 and beyond, as to not make the exact same errors, but maybe new ones to further grow and succeed.

Well! I met my goals in area XYZ! Now what?

Have you ever considered taking what works, and just using as a Template for future success? If you have found something that works, as the saying goes – if it isn’t broken, why fix it? Infact, why not use it and expand on it.

Whether you discovered your signature program or service, it is just the best first stepping stone into further expansions. Now, that doesn’t mean that you cannot sit on your laurels and not improve – listen to your feedback from your clients. Make tweaks – not too many, because there was a reason it worked, but just remember – to progress and grow is never meaning you stand still, or the world could just pass you.

With saying all that – what am I doing?

So, I have been reviewing my year. Looking at things like my books, my journal (yes, my journal) and my reports – what worked, what didn’t and what did I learn.

Now, were there some failures, definitely! I took on tasks that maybe weren’t the best fit, however, I did learn my boundaries in this as well.

Did I have successes? Yes! I found out some more info about my passions, where I still need to work on myself and my business and I even invested in a Masterclass to better learn and grow my business. It was a fantastic opportunity that I am glad I just didn’t pass on.

What does 2020 look like for CMC Professional Services?

Well, to start, expansion. Take what has been working and grow it – meaning taking on more meaning full clients – and working with them to achieve their goals.

It means working to expand on my writing opportunities – more blogging, content creation and copy creation. It is a passion, the written word, and I realized this year, just how much I have missed it.

It also means, more networking – allow you all a better opportunity to learn more about me and my services – even if it doesn’t directly service you, you may have a colleague or friend that is in need and we can work together (if possible) to not only achieve my goals but you/your referral as well!

To Close off this post for now,

This is just the beginning. I am grateful to this opportunity to learn something new every day! Plus, the opportunity to be in service and learn from my clients, it is priceless!

Until the next post!

Cassandra Comeau
Owner/Virtual Assistant