Hiring an Online Business Manager (OBM) and the packages you need to understand

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Not all Online Business Managers have the same zone of genius, and some might even specialize in a particular area or two. That’s why it’s important to know what to look for when thinking about hiring an online business manager. If you are wondering how to hire an online business manager for your business, this post will help you make sure you are choosing the right OBM for you.


To help figure that out, we need to break down the primary services we provide as Online Business Managers to our clients (that I proudly offer!). There are some key questions or things to think about when considering working with an online business manager to help you organize and streamline your business.


Know Your Online Business Manager’s Zone Genius & Expertise

As Online Business Managers, we can specialize down into certain pockets (i.e., focusing on Podcasts, Product Launches, or Marketing) or offer skillsets that are more inclusive to the entire business. What are these service offerings, and how do they help your business?

Project Management –

Project Management is a key part of what we do as Online Business Managers (regardless of whether we are specialized or not). It is the foundation of what we offer our clients. Whether we manage a new website build project, product launch, etc., it is a project management role. Project Management is also where we usually work in one segment of the business to achieve the goals set, short term and long term, to expand possible services/products further.

Operations Management –

Operations Management is one of the most significant stressors we take off our client’s plates. In essence, it is the reason we are hired to help. To take the overwhelm from the client (business owner). We do this by ensuring that all parts of the project or business run like clockwork. Ensure tasks are completed on time, deliverables are on time, know the project’s status to know the next steps in the goal outline and a complete view of your business. Operations management aids in the growth and the success of any business. It is the most significant part of our role, but not the only part of what we bring.

Both operations and project management often work hand in hand, a considerable part of what we bring to our clients. This can free up time for their personal time, for they know that their business is in good hands and that everything is moving forward as it should be. It also frees up the client’s time to focus on the areas that they can only handle in the business – the scope of the next product, speak at events, strategic partnerships and look for more sales if necessary – even engaging on social media. Huge peace of mind for the client, sometimes pulling them out of the Solopreneur mindset to allow them the space and bandwidth to grow and scale the business of their dreams while not drowning in the parts that aren’t aligned with them.

Team Management –

It’s a big part of what we do – naturally, when we manage the Projects and Operations, there is a team member or multiple team members involved. No matter the size, if your business operates with a team, an Online Business Manager can assist you. We take the time to hire or terminate a team member as needed, onboarding/offboarding them simultaneously and any training necessary to complete the task or ensure the process is followed.

This part is also my favourite part, as this is your chance to develop a company culture. Engaging your team so that they are always performing and innovating to grow your business, all while knowing that they have the support of someone, there to help them succeed or coach them along the way. Encouraging cohesion – whether virtual contractors or employees – enables greater innovations and ideas to improve the business and improve on the overall business goals – be it as a whole or in specific project areas.

For some business owners, this piece is the most difficult. They are great in the business piece but not always the best team leader as they can be distracted by certain things in the team and only see the cause/effect versus the whole picture when it comes to team member dynamics. This is where an Online Business Manager shines.

Systems Management –

Having systems (automation, project management software, how-to-docs, methods of communication, etc.) is essential for your business. This is a necessary piece for any business. It aids you in the progress of specific projects gives you the means to track progress to your goals. In addition to allowing a centralized way of finding how to do something so that if a team member ends up leaving, etc., you aren’t left to figure out how to do it, causing delays on the overall deliverable.

This is also a service that you can hire an Online Business Manager like me to complete before you onboard a full-time OBM member. This highlights the areas of your business that need some love, what has been working great, and aids in the team management/business culture you might be trying to cultivate as it encourages the team to work together to help the client achieve their overall goals.

This also ensures the resilience of the business – to work through good and bad times with the same level of productivity – allowing clients to pivot their businesses as they need to, knowing their team has what they need to follow along. For this, the backbone of any scalable, successful business allows: ensuring things are properly documented, the right team members are working on the right pieces, and ensuring that these steps stay up to date.

Metrics and Reporting –

This connects all the above – it puts the finger on the pulse of your business. This piece recognizes the goals, projects, and vision – to align and ensure that they are working in harmony to reach your big audacious goals. This is where we track your marketing, traffic, clients’ responses, etc. This isn’t one size fits all. However, the theory and baseline are the same principles that apply to the Monthly Social Media Metrics to the Weekly Sales Numbers, etc. This is how you can take the action steps you created during your strategy session between the client and OBM and be able to track the progress moving forward.

Things to Ask Your Online Business Manager about their packages and abilities

Something to remember if you think you are ready for that OBM, you should ask questions around their zone of genius or favourite parts of being an online business manager. You wouldn’t want to hire an online business manager whose main priority would be team management, but it is their least favorite aspect of the OBM role.

Ask them what their typical day looks like as an OBM, what aspects of it they love, and their least favorite part. You’ll learn a lot about if they are the perfect fit or not based on their answers to those questions.

Find the Right Personality Fit

As an online business manager, I become the right hand for my clients. It’s essential to make sure your personalities are a good fit to work together long-term. Ask yourself some key questions and reflect on your answers about who is right for your business:

  • Do you thrive when someone is holding you accountable?
  • Are you very easygoing?
  • Do you get overwhelmed by someone with a loud personality?
  • Does this person align with your values? What are your brand values?

 There’s no right or wrong answer to any of these questions, but it will help you determine what it would look like to work with someone long-term. Most of the time, your online business manager, is involved in many aspects of your business, so getting along and working well together are essential.

Let’s Work Together

 My main love of being an online business manager is my work’s organization, systems, and project management pieces. If you want to learn more about me and if we’d be a great fit to work together, click here to book your discovery call. You can also visit my services page or book a strategy call today to start aligning your business.

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