How to Keep Work-Life Interesting When Working From Home

Cassandra Comeau
Cassandra Comeau

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Keeping Life Interesting Working From Home

So I have been working as a digital entrepreneur for the last 2+ years and it has been the best experience! The ability to choose the hours worked, be there for the family when need be, and still earn an income and be independent. Now, who wouldn’t want that!


By doing this, you also have made sure that created the boundaries to ensure success – setting up a dedicated workspace, setting office hours, making sure clients know best practices when it comes to workload sharing and communications each day. (Most days at least!)


But sometimes, especially after the year, we all have experienced, there are days that I am noticing that it can become “stagnant” in your environment. Almost becoming something of a recluse as you do the cycle of life: Eat, Sleep, Work, Family Time, and Repeat (don’t forget to shower in there! oh and the School bus!).


The question is – how do you keep your work-life interesting when you are working from home full time? I have been thinking about this more and more of late – and with many of you newer to the work from home culture, I thought why not round up what has worked for me!


Here are 5 tips that might help you from becoming a Howard Hughes recluse and lose touch with friends and life at large:


Switch Up your Workspace!

Keeping in mind, this could be a large-scale upgrade or a small-scale one (or in my case, just built one and we moved, so we are doing it again!) – it comes down to time and money.


If you are lucky to have a workspace of your own, you could start simple and just clean up your workspace. Filing away docs that you don’t need anymore – add new artwork or if possible, move where your desk sits/faces!


It can breathe a breath of fresh air in your space, not to mention, reinvigorate your creativity! If you are unlucky enough not to be able to move your desk around – why not just move around your pictures, pick up a cute new pen holder at the dollar store (thrifty doesn’t mean lack of quality!) By just doing some small POV changes, can reset your brain and not completely upset your workflow or your budget!



Working on my deck

Try working in a Co-working Space or in a Restaurant with WIFI – yes, even in the current climate.

There are lots of places (not just Starbucks) that offer free wifi now – you could even go to your local library and work there for a while. Just by getting out and about people, can give your mindset the shift it needs to recognize that you don’t have to work alone ALL the time. Even in the current climate.


Zoom Co-Working Times – use Tech for a new purpose!

Now we all know about Zoom/GoMeet/Skype – they are amazing conference software that makes telecommuting a lot more bearable! But have you ever considered using it as if you are working in a Co-working or Office space? 


Find a small group of fellow #WFH folks and see if they would be interested in a 30-min co-working session. You could just keep your camera on, the mic on mute and just work together for a bit. That way if you are working on a project that you want to bounce an idea off of someone, you could share your screen and brainstorm! 


This is a way to “meet” at the water cooler without losing precious productivity time! There are groups out there that do that – check it out! Might just help keep your work-life more interesting!


Music – more than just something in the background – that isn’t the TV!

Keeping mindful of unnecessary distractions, have you ever thought about creating a playlist that you play for certain tasks?! With apps like Spotify or Apple iTunes – you can create lists for cooking, relaxation, exercise – why not make a playlist for work?  (I even have Sirius XM as an option)

Not just the easy listening either? Have you noticed that some songs or styles give you inspiration? Why not use this music as motivation! It gives you more validation as to why you have paid for that subscription!


Get away from your desk – make sure you take days off and breaks!

It sounds simple, but make life interesting by just getting away from your desk! (This is still a work in progress for me) Let’s face it, the appeal of working from home includes the ability to schedule your day the way you need to.


That doesn’t mean that week after week you have to do the same routine. Take a long trail walk with your loved ones!  OR if you have a community bus stop, sometimes just standing around and having a chat for a few minutes is a reprieve from the solitude that we have daily.

Simple or complicated, remember as long as you are meeting client deadlines and the quality of work is there – you are your own boss! Remember, this is why you decided to become a freelancer or work from home professional!


Now, this is not an exclusive list! But know what is right for you, your business, and your life! I would love to hear more about what you do to achieve the elusive “balance” of work and life! Maybe it could be something I could try!

See you on the other side of the screen,

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