Importance of a Great Tech Stack

Cassandra Comeau
Cassandra Comeau

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Importance of a good tech stack CMCVPS Blog

Everyone in the digital space has their go-to process. From Project Management to Email Marketing to Social Media Scheduling – and everything in between! I myself, starting as a Virtual Assistant and now as a Certified Online Business Manager, certainly can appreciate the power of an integrated and automated system – tech that makes my job easier not only is better for your overall profits as well.


I have had a great deal of exposure to different pieces of tech – with every client, their preference has been clear. But this got to me to thinking about my own business – what do I like? What would work best for me?


I have created a tech stack overview but I wanted to go into detail on my top favourites here. (Some of these I might receive a small commission, but in no way does this alter why I love them nor why I tell everyone why they need them in their lives!)


Project Management: CLICK UP


The reason I love this software is that it contains its own time tracker (saving me an app), it allows me to automate a lot of repetitive tasks. It also has a great dashboard feature that allows me to have a hub for my client work. In addition, there are a lot of customizable templates out there to help you organize not only your client’s work but your own business. Like: CRM ability, Housing all your standard operating procedures, etc. and the price is super reasonable.


Customer Database (CRM): DUBSADO

The reason I love this software is its automation, ability to use different currencies (as necessary), the PayPal integration along side normal credit card, and the usability of Calendly within it for discovery calls and other paid introduction calls that are required with some of my packages. I don’t know what I would do without the automated emails etc., that allow me to have the same process for all my onboarding needs as well.


Email Marketing: FLODESK


I have used several different email marketing software, but the ease of use and right now they are offering a great price as a new customer – check that out! – and the ability to know that no matter how many subscribers, the pricing never changes. The landing pages you can create are beautiful, the forms are easy to integrate into my website and the sequences are so easy and simple to set up.


Email Organizing Software: MAILBIRD


Without this software, I would be lost. With managing so many different emails depending on personal to business, client to client, and not having to have a million browsers open all the time – Mailbird has saved the day for me. You can start out free but the professional plan is what I have. I have had up to 16 emails at one time and it allows me to have individual signatures, I can move emails from account to account for filing if need be, they enable you to schedule emails (so if you are working outside of business hours, your clients never know!) as well as a tracking mechanism to see when your emails are open. All these are just a few ways to use it. They offer additional integrated tools over and above – I just cannot tell you more reasons why you need this software in your life!


Social Media Scheduler: SOCIAL BEE


Now, I have used a lot – I mean, A LOT – of different schedulers, but so far I haven’t seen one as good as this one. There are a few reasons. 1) The ability to schedule evergreen content is amazing – I can slow drip out different Know Like Trust statements for myself and clients in several different ways. I can also link my Canva Pro Account to it and use it in the software for simple 1-time posts that happen (i.e. holidays, international days, etc). 2) I can also use their concierge services to get help writing content as well! 3) I can also use either their in-house URL shorteners (to save characters on long URL handles) as well as link a bitly or similar so that I can house all my links for easy metrics use.


Now, these are just my primary software – I could go on for HOURS about the powers of each of the tech I used, but these main ones are the ones that make keeping my business organized the simplest.


Honourable Mentions would include Slack, Google Workspace, Zoom, Canva Pro, Adobe Creative. They all are key pieces of the deliverables I send out.


What are your favourites and why? Why can you not live without them? I would love to hear in the bottom below!

See you on the other side of the screen,

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