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Cassandra Comeau
Cassandra Comeau

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Introvertpreneur CMCVPS Podcast Episode

Recently, I had the chance to chat with my friend, Tara Reid of the INTROVERTPRENEUR PODCAST. We talked about working with an OBM, systems and the mindsets we all have when working.


Here are the show notes for you to check out and an embedded player of the episode. Check it out!


EP 25: Working with an Online Business Manager and Systems in Your Business with Cassandra Comeau


Do you still complete tasks in your business instead of handing them over to a team member because it’s just “easier for you” to do? You don’t have a video tutorial or any procedure in place to help them complete the task for you, so you decide it’s better to keep doing the task week after week or month after month. Once you set up systems that work for your business, it makes it easier to assign tasks to a team member and allows you to continue doing the work you love. Even though many entrepreneurs believe hiring a virtual assistant is where you should start, what you may actually need before that is an Online Business Manager to help you create systems, manage and streamline your business, so that you can run your business more smoothly.


Our guest on the podcast today is Certified Online Business Manager, Cassandra Comeau of CMC Virtual Professional Services. Her goal is to make business simple by helping you set up systems, launch a new social media strategy or just help manage your business. The sky’s the limit – the goal is to help you stay in your zone of brilliance as she is in her own.


In this episode, Cassandra and I dive into her entrepreneurial journey to becoming a certified online business manager. We discuss what an online business manager is, some of the amazing tools OBMs use daily, how to implement systems that make a huge impact, transitioning into an OBM role, and much more.


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