Moving and Business – The Spring Cleaning Edition

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Cassandra Comeau

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Moving and Business The Spring Cleaning Edition CMCVPS Blog Moving Boxes and plants

Moving and Business… part two. The spring cleaning edition – after re-reading my last blog, this time it is very much the same and so different – you can read my thoughts from last time here – So I thought, maybe I better update you all on this round.


So, my family is on the move… again. This will be our 3rd move in less than 5 years. I’m sure our families think we are crazy but to be honest. This move has actually been something we have been talking about for over 2 years. This time, we are moving from Ontario to New Brunswick. Trying to get out of the hustle and bustle and slow down life a little. A reset both personally and professionally. We are looking at this as not only a family adventure but also a chance to really re-align my business. Step up more as an online business manager authentically as well as create the road map for the next half of my 10-year vision I have for myself, my family, and my business.


The last time, I was speaking about how I was changing my client roster a little. Trying to figure out how I wanted to show up and where am I going next. It’s almost like when you are getting ready to move. You are looking at what you have, is it something that is aligned or has a purpose in the next home if not, take care to ensure that it is handled properly and that is respectful to the item you are rehoming. This is the same with clients – if you need to rehome, do it the right way. Ensure that when you log off the last time, you know you left them better than when they found you. This could mean helping train your replacement, making sure your brain is downloaded of all things in their business, etc.



Reviews and Assessments of what you have and what you need

Like with preparing to move and purging your excess items, reviewing your clients is sometimes necessary. Look at the work you are doing, what is/isn’t working, and how you feel the relationship is progressing. Are you finding you are near the end of the project but are just creating ‘opportunities’ because you are scared to shift?


With a couple of my clients, I realized I was sitting in my fear a little by continuing a project just because it was safe. Every time I work with a client, I love to deep dive into each part of the business. Really understand all of it – implementation and beyond. See the big picture. However, this time with making the shifts I have been doing, I’m trying to really honour the fact I have done this work for a long time. Now, it is time to dive into being more of an integrator – not an implementor.


So in a sense, to achieve this transition, I’m doing a ‘Systems Assessment‘ on my own business. I’m reviewing all my documentation. I’m reviewing my subscriptions and expenses. Looking to see if I’m paying for things I’m not using anymore – or won’t be with stepping back from implementation activities.


I’m also looking at my CRM, and project management software – do I have projects still ‘open’ that shouldn’t be. Looking at how I use them – are they set up for success for my next phase of business.


I’m also looking at my goals – my dreams for my business. As a multi-passionate person – how can I do this so it stays authentic to me and create the business of my dreams. Roadmapping out the pieces I love and unloading the work that isn’t what I see myself doing in the years ahead.


Boundaries are your friend – at work and at home – honour that.

Even in my own business, completing this Assessment on myself is helping me create the business of my dreams all while setting up the systems to allow you to figure out what is next. Doing these reviews, updates, and purges – like when you pack your home – opens up opportunities and more time back in my pocket because of automation.


BUT, that doesn’t mean you just ‘fill’ the time because you have it.  In my case, as we are moving in a little under 8 weeks. This means I need to give myself room to breathe. There are things that are needing to be done that mean I need to be away from my desk. Financially, this can cause a little strain but that is small in comparison to overwhelming yourself unnecessarily because you are trying to do ‘all the things’ when a big life event is happening. The same goes if you are handling one of the other big events – marriage, growing families, and death.


This is where setting your boundaries are key. If you ignore this or just push through, you will set yourself up for exhaustion and mistakes. This was a life lesson I have been learning lately myself. Boundaries – creating room and space for life to happen all while supporting you and your clients in the same space.



The truck and boxes are secure and all your organization is ready for their new home

So, at the end of this review and assessment – what is next? Well, by completing this assessment I have found out the following:


  1. That I have removed my unnecessary weight from business – organized my CRM/Project Manager software so that I’m ready for this next round of clients, cleared out subscriptions that I haven’t used etc.
  2. I have road-mapped the next ideas I would like to pursue in my business with the new ‘east coast’ lifestyle – mixing in summer vacation with the kids! New Phase of life!
  3. I have organized my google drive so that it all is easy to find for a comprehensive onboarding experience as well as refreshed my memory on processes I haven’t reviewed in a while
  4. Reviewed my marketing materials so that I’m showing up for my ideal clients going forward


Not too bad for a few weeks of work – it was nice to dive in and see what gaps I had and close them over so that I’m ready to onboard that next client or team member who will help CMCVPS hit the next level of my dreams.


Just like when you purge your home of the things you don’t need – donating, recycled, rehomed… these things all help you feel lighter and that you are more ready to jump in with both feet to the next adventure. As they say – #YOLO (you only live once!) make your life, your business, and yourself the best versions of yourself.


If you think you are wanting to have a similar review of your business – to create time, space, and the ability to enjoy the summer months ahead (or get ready for your next level scaling) – reach out! I’m here to help you go from Chaos to Clarity – let’s talk!


I cannot wait to share my new experiences in the upcoming social posts and blogs – the life of your dreams is just around the corner – believe me… I am starting to find mine!

See you on the other side of the screen,

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