Need Help in your Business? Here are some things to consider

Cassandra Comeau
Cassandra Comeau

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Need Help in Your Business Here are some things to consider - CMC Virtual Professional Services - woman entrepreneur excited

So you are at the point where you are thinking of hiring help in your business – whether it is a certified OBM like myself, or team members to scale your business. Oftentimes, when we hit this stage of our businesses, it becomes a question of ‘Can I actually afford the help I need?’


Well, today, we are going to discuss just this – so that you have some of the big questions out of the way so that you can take the next steps in your business – in a way that is comfortable and aligned for you and your business goals.


There are two ways you can approach this decision


You can look at hiring on your team in two ways


  1. An expense OR
  2. An investment


When you look at hiring as an expense, all you can see is the cost. The money that is going out the door in your business each month and every time you add to your team, that cost goes up.


This isn’t how you should be looking at hiring. You should be looking at hiring as an investment in yourself (like hiring a business coach) and in the next level of your business. We want you to look at this investment of scaling your team through the viewpoint of ‘how will this team member bring more money into the business?’ and also ‘how will this team member bring me more time to do the things I like and am needed to do in the business’?


Every team member should be allowing the business to make more money and free up more time for other areas and goals


Please understand, that this doesn’t mean that every person you bring into your business will be directly bringing clients/opportunities in unless that is their job role.


Things to consider when you bring on each team member, you will feel a lot freer in your business to focus on the growth and expansion goals you have set. This team member will also free up time for you to have more freedom for your family as well – isn’t that part of why we start our own businesses? To take control of our schedules where possible?


As the CEO of your company – you can make this choice – to either:


  • Spend your time on the back end, day-to-day stuff that runs the business (though important), is that really what you should be doing every day?


  • Spend your time on the stuff that only you can do – grow the business, find your ideal clients/customers, sell those services/products – networking and so many other areas that as the face of the company, you need to be doing.


Really ask yourself this question:


How does this person coming on board allow ME to continue to grow and expand the business, the brand and the overall vision?


If you are hiring your first VA or your 15th, each member of your team helps you get out of the weeds and take the day-to-day admin tasks off of your list to give you more time-freedom to pursue the passions behind why you started your business.


Ask yourself – are you the bottleneck?


Also remember, when you have grown your team to a certain level and you are starting to notice you are the bottleneck in your business, maybe consider looking at a Management style addition to your business – like a certified OBM like me! They are there to help you create plans, dive into projects, manage your team, and make sure that all the ‘stuff’ is getting done.


This is when your hiring becomes the investment it truly is. Hiring has the ability to give you more clarity, calm, and TIME to focus on the areas where you are strongest in your business to create the freedom, and financial stability and drive your passions without being bogged down by the ‘to do list’.


Here is the thing, if you don’t do your part and focus on the business activities that only YOU can do – then your team members might feel like a drain on your accounts and an extravagant expense because there isn’t any more money coming in the door to pay for these persons.


Each time you hire someone to free you up and allow you time to not only focus on the growth of your company but give you back personal time – that is when everything just clicks and comes together.


If you are looking for someone to help you clear your plate, manage your team and allow you the time and energy to focus on your business. That is exactly what I live and breathe to do for you! Let’s connect for a discovery call today!

See you on the other side of the screen,

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