Are you needing to Brainstorm your next steps?

Are you needing some business owner support - but not on a full time or retainer basis?

Then you need one of these sessions to get you started

As business owners, there are times that you need just an extra set of eyes or ears on something you have been working on to expand your product or services lineup. Sometimes, you need help scaling your team and knowing how to set them up for success.


These breakthrough sessions are just that – a chance to break through the hurdle, the next great idea or just to have someone give you a outline of how to achieve a goal in 90 days.


Thus reaching your goals in actionable ways and with confidence – and creating clarity as you continue to scale your business. Discover more about these packages below.

Breakthrough Strategy Sessions

Initial Investment $497

These sessions are quick 90-minute sessions that allow us to dive into specific topics you want to cover in an uninterrupted time period. This is your chance to have a once-over on your business, discuss your next service/product and how you want to offer it, review some operations questions, client management questions, team management questions and beyond.


This is your first step into your action plan that will be developed and shared with you within 7 business days of our live discussion.

What are the steps to get started for my own Break Through Session?

Fill out the intake form by clicking on “Book Your Session” – you will be taken through the forms, invoice and getting scheduled on our calendar

Just prior to our meeting, via email a detailed intake form will be sent to you – this helps prepare me for our session  and narrow down what you need to discuss.

After our 90 min session, I will take my notes, transcripts and your intake form and within 7 business days send you a complete report with 90 day action plan to get you started.

This is for the business owner who just needs some short term help but isn’t ready to commit to a 3-month retainer or full service package. This is the plan for you!

  • 90-minute Zoom call –  An uninterrupted chance to focus on you and your business
  • Audit of Operations – This is where we review your current systems, your current team (if you have one) and review what you have already in place in your business
  • Answer as many questions as you might have – Ask away! Have an idea and need to see if it has the means to work? Have questions about operations or systems? Have questions on Client Onboarding or Team Scaling? 
  • Systems Assessment – BONUS – this is your chance to have a full assessment of your current tech and tools, where your operations is set and see what opportunities lie to uplevel to the next step in your business’ journey! (Normally a $1600 investment)
After we have our 90 minute session, I take my notes, our session transcription and anything I have learned about you and your business and present you with the following take-aways:
  • A 90-day Action Plan (within 7 business days after the live session) – This is a set of actionable steps that help you over the next 90 days as you put into action the next launch/product/service for your clients.
  • Resources (as needed) – I hand you some templates, resources etc to help you create the process, hire the right team member and make the next onboarding of either your client or the launch of your next product/service easier.
  • 7 business days of email support – this support is so you can ask any clarity questions on the 90 day action plan. 
Are you Ready to Achieve Your Goals? 

Why Should You Book A Breakthrough Strategy Session?

Do you Find Yourself:

  • Looking for a way to break through an idea in your business?
  • Needing someone to bounce a product/service/course idea off of and see what is needed to get you to that launch?
  • Looking at scaling your team and business but not sure what Step 1 should be?
  • Looking to have your operations and systems over-viewed to set your current and future team up for success - giving you back some time to focus on other growth opportunities for your business?

This might be the SESSION you need to get you off the ground and running. This is your opportunity to have a 90-minute (uninterrupted) session with a Certified OBM.


Together, we will be reviewing the tools you have, the tools or people you need to hire, processes, operations, and anywhere in between to create this actionable plan. It is your opportunity to bounce any ideas you might have and a chance to get a 90-day plan at the end of it.


How would it feel spending only 90 minutes of your day with someone who will take what you have to say, the checklist of tools and operations of your business, and gather them together into a 90-day plan that would support this next step? An actionable plan at that.


These strategy sessions have helped me figure out my business in the past… let me help you with the next steps to the future of the business you have in your mind! 😍


If you answered YES or This is ME to any of the above -then you have one last step to take…

because You are Ready to have a Breakthrough

Let's put our heads together, create a plan and get you another step closer to your business goals - without the long term retainers.

How was your experience with the Breakthrough Strategy Session with Cassandra?

Working with Cassandra was amazing! I felt a bit scattered, overwhelmed, and unsure of what needed to change. Now, I feel confident and ready to move forward with my next steps toward even more business growth. I can't recommend working with her enough to get your ideas and business in order!