What on Earth is a Systems Assessment? That sounds Boring!

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Cassandra Comeau

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What on earth is a systems assessment? I’m not sure if you have seen some of my posts on Instagram lately, but I am offering a program called a Systems Assessment. Now I know, that sounds really dull and not fun – but just hold on to your hats, and I will tell you all the reasons that you need to have this review in your business.


This just isn’t another sales pitch – it’s the honest truth, all businesses NEED, I repeat, NEED to have the back end of their businesses organized and easy to find for all involved – from Team members right down to your clients. Any and all decisions made in the business need to have a starting point – this is your Business System.


So let’s dive in!


Why #1: Are you growing quickly each month and needing to hire more team members?


If your answer is YES or the numbers are pointing to a huge jump in your business, well, are you prepared to onboard and handle quite a few more team members to meet your delivery with your customers and clients?


Whether it be training or mentoring/support for your team members, there are a lot of steps involved in that area of your business. It is all well and good to hire, get a contract signed and start assigning tasks – but if you haven’t created videos and documents to teach that member how to use your business systems


With a systems assessment, like the one I’m offering, this is your chance to overview what you have documented, what is missing and create a priority list based on immediate need.


Why #2: I can’t remember where all my documents and procedures are – I have just done them so long I run from memory!


While this is really admirable, and absolutely amazing that you have all these docs and processes in your head, this doesn’t help you outsource to allow yourself time to go back to where your zone of brilliance is. If you are constantly having to stop and do things that another team member should be handling – this is not the best use of your time. Not to mention, this also takes away from time you could be spending with family and friends – because it is all about work-life balance (as much as possible) as an entrepreneur.


With a systems assessment, we take the list of things that make your business tick and prioritize where the wins are, where the opportunities lie and we create an action plan together to implement these changes and make sure your business docs, processes, and procedures (not to mention logins) are documented in a centralized location for the appropriate team member to use and complete their piece to the puzzle.


Just think – with these extra moments of freedom, this could mean the difference in the amount of family time you have, the speed at which your tasks can be done (therefore opening up more opportunities to scale) and you also could have arranged a Team Handbook – which would start to create the business culture so that your team feels more a part of the process.


Why #3: I just bought new software and it will make the next launch so easy – so I don’t think I need to update any documentation.


With this example, there are two things available to you when you request these business system assessments. Outside of documenting where all your operations and business assets are, this also allows you to review and implement new software that has been marketed as the best option for your business. Your Online Business Manager or Project Manager would be tasked with training the new team member on the software – how it works, timelines, and all nuances that are needed for delivery and ensuring that your process documents are updated with the new change.


With me, if you are looking for some help with these documents – we would go through the old processes, new training and meld together the how-to so that there is little to no downtime when you implement the new software for your team to work on.


Honourable Mentions


Now are these all the reasons why I might need a business system assessment? Nope! But these are a few of the common. The one runner-up would have to be “Why purchase your system assessment, I have what I need in place! After all, I have trained everyone without any documents to this point – What is the actual benefit?


Well, my friend, unlike Professor Xavier (Professor X in Xmen), your team nor your clients cannot read minds. So when it comes to the point in your business where you as the business owner are the bottleneck, jumping onto a system assessment call, opens up the doors to an almost “business kit” documentation package. It sets up your team for success by knowing the chain of command, the how’s that someone can implement with little to no downtime or redos, in addition to being able to add so much FREE TIME to your day, knowing that your business is running day to day like a “top”. No more FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), you can go back to a backyard game of baseball, or books or other-self developments to help you get your business to the next level.


Now, what exactly do I offer you?


What I offer you is the peace of mind and removal of chaos to your business, even if you have the majority of your processes in place – that is amazing! – if you are not 100% where you need to be in your operations, that today is the day to change that.


I start by having a 60-90 minute meeting with you the business owner and your key team member – going through your business and centralizing the list of things you have completed and what you don’t. From there I review our conversation and make notes to give you guidance on what you have successfully completed and where you need to start next. From there, if you decide you want help implementing as to not take your team members away from their dailies until needed, then my team and I work through the process and procedure docs – organizing, updating, delivering in a super organized folder system as well as on your project management software as well for quick an easy reference.


These are all packages I offer – from 1 day VIP to 6 Month Implementation – this is your chance to really take your business to the next level and ensure that you hit your goals.


What are you waiting for? Jump on a call with me today so that we can answer any questions you may have and get you scheduled in to organize, take the chaos out of your business and your team and really open up time for you to grow and scale. I’m here for you – are you Ready?



See you on the other side of the screen,

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